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    Tilapia Gone Wild!

    So, you’ve gone to Costco and have bought yourself 3.25 pounds of Tilapia. Now watchoo gonna do with it? I’ll show you how I rationed mine white fish out! First…

  • Dips & Spreads

    Winter Compote

    Or a jar, whatever. Now that we are far out of the summer fruit season, it is time to find ways to enjoy the fruits of late fall and winter.…

  • Uncategorized

    What $125 Buys at Costco

    Not that much, right? The spaghetti squash is not included in this trip, it was just on my counter and snuck into the photo. So let me start by saying…

  • Meals

    What to Do with 5 Pounds of Carrots

    In our Costco frenzy yesterday, I grabbed as many produce items I thought would fit in the fridge. I had two choices when it came to carrots, five pounds of…