Oscars 2012: The Descendants Hawaiian Dip

This week will bring lots of movie related posts as the Academy Awards are almost here (Sunday)! Have you seen The Descendants? Yeah, neither has Mr. Movie Fuel, so there won’t be much movie discussion other than what I am about to add. This movie is not meant for Girl’s Night Out. I think the word has gotten out that this movie isn’t just about George Clooney on a beach. It’s a heavy drama with doses of comedy sprinkled in.

If The Descendants is bound to win an Oscar, as many people predict, we might as well have some celebratory food on hand! Movie Fuel will be here on Thursday for our pre-Oscar predictions and some more party food. It’s too bad he isn’t here this morning, we have a super addictive and delicious dip on the table. I hope my kids gobble most of it, because I can’t be trusted around this Hawaiian inspired dip!

This dip could NOT be easier to make!

  • 8 oz. cream cheese softened
  • 2 1/2 cups sweetened coconut (I prefer flaked over shredded)
  • 20 oz. can pineapple (chunks or crushed)
  • nuts or cherries to top dip with

Blend all ingredients together in food processor to crush up pineapple and coconut pieces. Refrigerate at least 30 minutes before serving. I think it tastes great with Trader Joe’s Pita Crackers, but I am sure there are plenty of dipping options you can find!

Quick and easy recipe for today, be sure to save this recipe for summer (which seems so far away right now)!

Jy and I are hoping to get out to see the Oscar nominated short films this Saturday. Cross your fingers we can get out to go, it is always such a fun tradition that has gotten harder to keep up with after having kids. Are you watching the awards this Sunday night? Are you going to be happy when I quit talking about the Oscars and movie themed food? Hope not!

See you tomorrow, Happy Tuesday friends!


  1. I truly love your dainty heart-shaped boxes – they really are so beautifully crafted and this particular colour-scheme is so very pretty too. So wonderful to see photos of each stage of their creation. Thank you for sharing.Hugs xxx

  2. hi, sreeja vishayam lo adi kevalam caste matrame reason ani nenu anukonu.. meeku telise untundi, chiru valla pedda ammayini uday kiran ki ichi cheddamanukunnadu.. uday brahmin kada.. caste feeling ekkadundi chiru ki…

  3. Porca miseria, ma dov’è Cocco, biologa vera, che non viene a spazzar via queste castronerie deliranti da medicina del tempo di Galeno sui mucopolisaccaridi della pelle di porco che s’intrufolano nei lisosomi del bambino piccolo (evidentemente nutrito con omogenizzati di pelle di porco:-) ) e gli causano la mucopolisaccaridiosi (malattia notoriamente genetica)?Dai, Cocco, su, lascia da parte i pregiudizi ideologici e scendi in campo.P.S. In assenza, mi accontenterei anche di Lisa, ma mi sa che pure issa non sarà disponibile, a causa della pregiudiziale rom:-)

  4. Hagan de cuenta que son el new york times y van a ser leidos (estan siendo leidos) por mucha gente con distintos niveles de preparacion y no saben de astronomia y esas cosas ¿cómo explicarían la nota a los lectores? por favor. Gracias!

  5. Oh crud! Does this mean there isn't going to be a YouTube Live this year? I mean I like U2 and everything, but I was so hoping that you would have another party at Fort Mason. I had SUCH a great time at the last one!

  6. omg you make me jealous of your height!! 🙁 guess is the benefit of being an angmoh. 🙁 haha~ loved your makeup for the ysl event!! what lippie were you using? v chio leh! hehe.

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