Winter Compote

Or a jar, whatever. Now that we are far out of the summer fruit season, it is time to find ways to enjoy the fruits of late fall and winter. Clementines are everywhere and I suggest you grab another bag if the first bag you bought this year was tart. My recent Costco purchase was nothing but sweetness. I’m sure you should also be able to find cranberries for just a bit longer. If you haven’t already, grab an extra couple bags to freeze. The third fruit you’ll see all about town is the confusing pomegranate aril. These are crunchy, yet light little seeds that have conveniently been removed from the ultimate stainmaster, the pomegranate.

If you have all three of these babies, you have the makings of a totally delicious winter compote. It can be used to top anything from french toast or oatmeal to cold pasta or pork chops. You’ll love the combo of juicy, cruncy and tangy in this mix.  The longest part of the process will be cooking the cranberries until they pop. I cheated and did this in the microwave, which only cost me four minutes for about two cups of cranberries.

As for the clementines, peel them. Stretch afterwards if that was strenuous.

The arils, they just need to be scooped out of their container. If you are an overachiever, you can pull them from a whole pomegranate, but wear an apron!

Mix together and blend in sweetener of your choice. Honey, agave nectar, maple syrup, sugar, you’ll have to choose one. The tartness of this mix without sweetener might be enough to kill someone. (I think.) Sprinkle with cinnamon if desired and diggity-dig in! I should mention that I found this recipe from the helpful blog, Hungry Healthy Hillary.


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